Calm Me

Fragrance storyteller Margot Ellena of Lollia, has added another compelling and scented chapter to her Modern Romantic Luxury library.  A fragrance that evokes serene meadows of blooming hyacinth; Calm Eau de Parfum is a lovely, gentle scent that is easy to wear and helps promote tranquility and inner peace.  Earthen rooted vetiver and fresh cut iris are cooled by notes of sunny citrus and delicate floral water; making this fragrance sparkle with clean but powdery notes.

Known for lovely details and flirtatious touches, the Lollia fragrance stories are made from exclusive formulations and luxurious designs.  Gorgeous real platinum feathers delicately float on the weighted glass bottle; soft rounded shoulders fit perfectly in the palm of your hand.  Sublime.

$46 for 4 ounces


  1. JoanElaine says:

    I love that bottle! A local boutique carries this line, I believe. I must swing by and take a sniff!

    1. Ashleigh says:

      Isn’t it gorgeous! The scent is really pretty after it drys down a bit. Thanks for the comment Elaine!

  2. I love this one. The bottle is perfect and I love to use the scent as a linen/pillow spray. And of course, wear it on myself.
    I’m such a sucker for peacock prints. I’ve been wanting to buy the hand cream too just for the packaging!

    1. Ashleigh says:

      What a GREAT idea Victoria. Will be spraying the linens tonight :)

  3. Binesiiyobiik says:

    I have to have this! I love, love, love Lollia and look at that bottle:)

    1. Ashleigh says:

      The Lollia line is so lovely isn’t it? If you’re a fan already then you must try Calm!

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