Self Portrait

Quintessential New York perfumer, Bond No. 9 pays homage to Andy Warhol once again with soon to be released and aptly named- Andy Warhol by Bond No. 9.  Known for his fascination with celebrity, Warhol at once idolized and democratized the concept of fame.  Noted for saying, “In the 60′s everybody got interested in everybody else.  Drugs helped a little there.  Everybody was equal suddenly- debutantes and chauffeurs, waitresses and governors.” This was a concept that Warhol was completely aware of and deliberately capitalized on.  He saw a can of Coke, a piece of of art and household products (Brillo pads anyone?) as consumable goods; to be enjoyed by everyone equally.  In that light, the same bottle of perfume that Elizabeth Taylor purchased could be purchased by you as well- he wore Beautiful, and you know what?  I wear it too.

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This same paradigm is well played by Bond; capturing the essence of (and capitalizing on) New York’s most famed locations and icons; it’s really all about bottling the experience.  Can’t make it to Astor Place?  The perfumer offers the next best thing.  And what is perfume any way if not a self portrait?  Warhol himself says, “the best way to take up more space is to wear perfume”.  Most of us will never have our faces grace a magazine cover, or better yet a wall in a prestigious museum, but we can (and do) express ourselves with scent.

So what does Andy Warhol smell like?  Top notes include bergamot, peach, red rose and cumin with a heart of white patchouli, frankincense and oud; which dries down to vanilla bean and musk.  But, what’s in the creation is not really the point, purchasing the product is.  For that, Andy would approve.


Available December 1st at Saks Fifth Avenue





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