Buddha’s Delight

Legend has it the Sri Lankan fig tree originated when a branch from the Bodhi tree was planted.  Used by Buddha for shelter, the Bodhi tree (or Bo tree) offered respite while the holy one gained enlightenment and perfect understanding. Known for its heart shaped leaves and transformative power, this sacred tree eventually bore the luscious fig.

Infusion Organique, inspired by ancient lore, created Buddha’s Fig; a fragrance that is beautiful, delicate and serene.  Infused with certified organic fig extract, rose-geranium essence, organic lemongrass oil and blended with essences of wood and amber, Buddha’s Fig is a heavenly scent that promotes inner peace and well-being.

$35 for 1.7 ounces


  1. Binesiiyobiik says:

    I would LOVE a bottle of this! I am drawn in by the bottle, the name and the story behind it:)

  2. I would totally wear this. And I agree with Alice.

  3. I sniffed this last week at a boutique. It smells really good, especially for summer. I thought it retailed for way more! I didn’t even bother to ask :(

  4. Ashleigh says:

    Saffron James is a really beautiful affordable brand. Another really delicious one by SJ to try is Punono: it has even more Pikake, but this time it’s mixed with Carnation, Vanilla and Tunisian Opium. Although, I really do need a trip to Maui right about now…You guys in? :)

    1. I wish I could go but I’ll have to settle for fumes instead :( Punono is amazing!

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